COVID-19 Update

A message from our President

CCR is happy to report lending institutions currently are providing loans to churches, notwithstanding reports to the contrary.  We have witnessed major financial commitments to churches for capital expansion in excess of $10,000,000, at interest rates of 3.25% (New York Prime) or lower.  If your church is in the position of moving forward with their capital expansion or refinancing, this represents a strategic moment in time, given the very low interest rates.

CCR history of financing churches began in the 70s with gasoline rationing, it continued in the 80s through the failures of 1000 bank and savings institutions, including a prime lending interest rate of 21.5%.   In this new century the tragic events of 9/11, and the massive financial bailout of banks in 2008.   Now we are facing another period in our long history called COVID-19.   From those times to this, we have gained significant experience in navigating periods of financial uncertainty for Churches.

CCR believes our experience over the last 40 years in meeting the financial requirements and the ministry goals of Churches has been in preparation for a time such as this.

If we can be a help in securing financing for ministry expansion, refinancing debt, or just a sounding board for solutions to the Church’s ministry needs, just call or email.  It is our desire to play a part in advancing the Kingdom and Church of Jesus Christ.

Blessings from our house to yours,